mathildr web app

The web app enables many children with learning difficulties to have barrier-free mathematics lessons. It was developed together with people with trisomy 21 and is therefore also suitable for people with special attention and low muscle tension. Counting, quantity pictures, addition and subtraction can be treated with the app up to the number range 20. You can find the web app at:

mathildr ten-slot field

The wood material enables haptic mathematics lessons based on the mathildr system. Beside the field the set contains 10 red and 10 yellow cherries. These are also made of wood, dyed with harmless colours and varnished. The cherries can be arranged individually or in pairs. They can be used for learning how to count and the quantity pictures as well as for plus and minus calculations.

mathildr XL dice

Two large wooden dice show the quantity pictures 0 to 10 of the mathildr system. They allow a playful learning of the quantity pictures and can be used together with the app or the ten-slot field.

mathildr 0-10 cards

The mathildr 0-10 cards are used for a more intensive study of the numbers and the quantity pictures. One set contains 33 cards with the mathildr quantity pictures of red and yellow cherries and the numbers 0 to 10. The number cards show a meadow and a horizon in the background. This way you can see at a glance whether a number card is in the right orientation.

The learning materials can be obtained from the online shops of the German Down Syndrome InfoCentre (Germany) and insieme 21 (Switzerland). For telephone orders and orders from EU countries other than Germany, you can reach the InfoCenter at: +49 (0) 9123 982121.