Math Without Barriers

mathildr is a system for depicting quantities. The learning materials are suitable for teaching in schools, for use in educational support or for learning at home. mathildr is available as an app for tablet and PC, a wooden ten-slot-fieldlearning cards and wooden dice. The system enables many children with learning difficulties to calculate mentally. The learning materials can be used in inclusive lessons

Scientific Basis
mathildr was developed together with people with trisomy 21, Down syndrome. The system was developed in the framework of a representative study carried out by the University of Hamburg. The study showed that learners with trisomy 21 rely on abstract learning materials and that they benefit from items being grouped into pairs.

mathildr was awarded the first place of the Lower Saxony Inclusion Award 2019, the third place of the Cornelsen Future Award 2018 and the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2019.

The mathildr learning materials are provided by the non-profit association Good Teaching for Everybody. Other partners are the German Down Syndrome InfoCentre and insieme 21.